September 8, 2012

well hello there

and welcome!

we are jess (formerly of oh.just.jess, the blog and etsy shop) and bryan (the artist formerly known as Frenchy) and this is our little space on the internet to document our lives and make sure we can remember all our little and big adventures.

what you need to know:
- we live in south philly in a house we bought last February and we are slowly trying to make a home.
- we are both giant nerds. bryan's a physician and jess is a molecular biologist. (please dont run away too quickly)
- we're expanding our little family this winter
(with a human being! we already have an awesomely neurotic cat named Clea).
- we love to eat good food and travel as much as our schedules/bank accounts will allow so expect a lot of that on here.

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